Red Island at sunset

Red Island at sunset

Monday, October 21, 2013

Safe on the mainland

Hi everyone

Just a quick note to say I'm back safe on the mainland. All of the gear has arrived safely and none of the boxes are floating away.

Still feeling like a zombie after 5 nights on the island with 3 hours sleep each day but at least I'm clean - I've never been so happy to see a shower before in my life. It's also handy to have things like electricity, running water, shelter and food outlets.......mind you it's 8am local/2200 UTC and I automatically think I should be on 21260 kHz for North America and JA!

I'm in the remote town of Seisia, on Wednesday tomorrow I fly to Cairns in north Queensland and on Thursday I fly home to South Australia.

Then on Friday I start negotiations with my wife for an IOTA DXpedition (dare I whisper 2) in 2014. She knows every time I return from a DXpedition that I start my little manipulative scheming :)

I've ordered and paid for QSL cards with Gennady UX5UO, so these should arrive in 5 weeks

73s de Craig

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