Red Island at sunset

Red Island at sunset

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 2 finished with 1294 QSO's - total of 2335 QSO's in 2 days

Hi everyone

Day 2 is done which means two nights crocodile free :)

20m conditions to Europe at 1100-1700 UTC is very good and there is a little bit of propagation to North America in the 1100-1400 UTC period when I get Asia and Europe to stand by because they can rarely break through the EU wall.

OK here is my operating schedule for day 3 - Friday

0430 UTC I'll try for any long path Europe on 20m (14260 kHz +/- QRM) but yesterday there was no propagation, so I'll probably end up on 15m

0500-1100 UTC on 15m (21260 kHz +/- QRM)  

1100-1800 UTC on 20m (14260 kHz +/- QRM) listening for North America frequently, so don't give up W/VE, just stand by for me to listen for you guys especially during 1100-1400 UTC.

- 15m to Europe was starting from 0500 UTC yesterday and Europe was really strong from 0800 UTC. Please understand I do need to QSY at 1100 UTC to 20m. I know that Europe will find this annoying as the band is wide open to this part of the world but North American QSO's cant happen at this time. By going to 20m at 1100 UTC it means that I can work Europe mostly and listen out from time to time for North America.

- last night when I was listening for North America, there was a few Europeans still saying their callsign or complaining about me ignoring Asia or Europe. I know this is only a small number of offenders, but please if everyone follows my instructions then when I listen for "North America only" it only take 3-5 minutes to do this and then its back to Asia/Europe.

- There's still 3 days to go so be patient, I'm only operating on 2 bands to give out maximum number of unique callsigns and the club log uploads that I do twice a day is really keeping the dupes down to virtually none at all. I look forward to making the QSO as conditions have been really good the past two nights for Europe.

73s from Red Island :)

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