Red Island at sunset

Red Island at sunset

Sunday, October 20, 2013

QRT – total of 5271 QSO’s in 5 days to over 100 DXCC's

Now QRT and its time to pack up the camp before my support guy arrives in the boat in a few hours. Thanks for all the QSO's. My previous best haul was 5149 QSO's over 6 days to Bremer Island VK8BI OC-185 last year so it's fantastic to break my record in only 5 days.

I’ll update the blog with the full story in the next couple of weeks.

5 days without a shower now and so I'm excited to have running water, electricity and real food today!

Now to start planning for 2014 IOTA DXpedition(s).....and figuring out how to get "approval" from my XYL...........

73s de Craig VK5CE

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  1. Great job Graig and thanks for the 2 QSOs. Great signals into EU.
    About the apporval thing, please keep me posted....

    Frank, ON7RU ex T32C - 9U4U