Red Island at sunset

Red Island at sunset

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 3 - 1046 QSO's into the log - total of 3382 QSO's in 3 days

Hey party people welcome to the weekend. - 3 days down and 2 to go.

I thought conditions were pretty average yesterday and I had a REALLY REALLY slow start to the QSO's. 15m produced a very slow and small trickle of stations from 0500-0930 UTC. The pile up into Europe didn't start happening until the late time of 0930 UTC and then it seemed to die off at 1130 UTC. On 20m conditions were terrible to North America and I found out from the stateside guys that there was a couple of USA stations jumping on my TX frequency and it made it almost impossible for W/VE to hear me.

Despite that, I was surprised to see that a thousand QSO's were made and so I guess my frustration was caused by the fact that I couldn't get a run into W/VE on 20m like I did on the previous day. So I'm really happy to be doing 1000+ QSO's each day thus far.

So here's the plans for Saturday:

0500-1130 UTC - 15m SSB (I'll announce the frequency on the DX cluster)

1130-1700 UTC - 20m SSB (I'll announce the frequency on the DX cluster) and I'll be listening at many times for North America only)

2300 UTC onwards - 15m SSB

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